This is why all these "Calorie" calculations piss me off. There's literally nothing there! Nothing and yet there's only 512 calories left for dinner! Perhaps I should eat grass? Oh wait, look 33 calories per 100gm in a blade of grass. Oh wait, cardboard is only 5 calories. I'll eat that should I?

Oh and I've walked just over a mile so far today.

@dick_turpin when I bother to do this my goal usually about 1800 and I never eat breakfast so end up with way more wriggle room for dinner.

@dick_turpin I see you've wasted almost 200 on Marmite bullshit.

@rpcutts Don't even get me started on those rice cakes! They're air FFS! They're like the husks of rice glued together with a dusting of Marmite flavoured powder. How the flying fook can they be 200 calories?

@dick_turpin it's mostly the marmite walkers to be fair.

But yeah. Had a rice cake once. Never again.

@dick_turpin Quarterpunder with cheese and an apple pie from Maccys is 768kcal so hope that was an enjoyable lunch

@rpcutts You know, Sausage & Egg McMuffin, Hash Brown and orange juice is like ridiculously low calories. Who'd have thunk it?

@dick_turpin @rpcutts
Funnily enough the worst part of that is the "healthy" Orange juice. i.e. fruit with all the fibre removed. almost pure sugar water.

@wyliecoyoteuk @rpcutts Speaking of which. Those "Innocent Smoothies" are terrible things.


@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk I like a smoothie. Don't get those ones though because 💸 💸 💸

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