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Deliveroo account was compromised at 23:43 last night.

Sent them an email at 23:54 letting them know.

Still waiting for them to tell me what's going on...

ooof. burn.

A couple of hours after the first reports of a drone in the skies above Heathrow, it was business as usual in the Terminal 5 departure lounge - in a low blow to Gatwick, one member of staff told me it's because "we're a good airport".

Close as I've ever come to having a GoDaddy account.


Webfaction have been absorbed by GoDaddy and I didn't know because their announcement email went to Gmail spam.

Just got an email stating "as you know ... we'll assist you with creating a GoDaddy account"

No you fucking won't.

Javascript devs are all masochistic. Holy moly. I'm out. πŸƒ

Oh my this Gatsby build is... Glacial.

In my defense. was too good to pass up.

Gonna start logging my longer rides like @pla

In classic me fashion, I've got the domain name before even starting work on the site. πŸ˜‚

Think I've spotted my next bike. 😍

The Mrs has acquired tickets in the family stand for the barcodes/ManU game tonight.

Colour me fucking delighted..... 😬

Wheels up, motherfuckers!πŸ€˜πŸ›«

A new years eve party. Gee I can't wait. What fun.

Beyond a joke how much panettone I've put in my face these last few days.

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