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Paleontology is AMAZING.

Look at this 18,000 year old dog.

Look at it. Seriously.

This is nuts. It looks like it is sleeping and could wake up any moment to beg for treats.

Scientists are trying to determine if it is a wolf or an early domesticated dog.

Link -

#Paleontology #Wolf #Dog #fossil #fossils

Politicians: We can get a free trade deal done in no time.

Also politicians:

And Lewandowski is on fire this season.

A great record for Kane. 20 CL goals in 24 games.

I now greet attacking corner kicks the same as a throw-in.

As poor a half I've seen from Leeds in a while. Very Meh.

trying to learn how to read UTF-8 encoded files in sas even though I've never used it and don't have a copy because a customer can't figure it out. t'was ever thus.

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“I would definitely resign if there is any sort of association between myself and the murder.”

This is such a strange, and loaded way to phrase it...

Silvio Debono should be next in the cells. Haul that cunt in too.

Do watch this if you missed it. You can almost hear Malcolm Tucker swearing in the background.

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