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I guess adverts in Google maps was only a matter of time.

"Vote for a modern, One Nation, compassionate Conservative government"

I'd fucking love the opportunity to do so, you gaping thundercunt.

In my pub.
Got a beer.
Jukebox on.
Dogs everywhere.

In heaven.

YubiKey terrify me. Just the thought of being locked out of everything. The utter carnage.

_But Richard, you can get spares_


I'm gonna go back through the changelog to find out if the person that did this still works here.

Have honestly never seen these horrors before.

Beauty of this statement is that you can't tell who it's about.

The entire moderate wing of the party has fallen away. And now we're seeing what happens to a party - any party - that dedicates itself only to one of its extremes and jettisons those who doubt, who question, who reach across the aisle.

The Party is becoming a sewer. If you audited a company with this kind of recent record you'd conclude that there was a fundamental problem that required root-and-branch reform.

An interesting sign of things to come.

Compare the end of the video from the Tory campaign.
From the 1min mark:

To what actually happened:

(don't get me wrong, it was a twisty mess of an interview even in real time, but the creative editing remains BS)

"Thomas Cook only took out insurance for the very largest personal injury claims. For agreed claims below this figure, up to a high aggregate amount, they decided to self-insure through a provision in their accounts. As Thomas Cook has entered into liquidation without ensuring any protection for pending claims, the vast majority of claimants who are not covered by the insurance - including customers who have suffered very serious injuries and loss of life -will be treated as unsecured creditors"

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