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Proof of concept work in PowerBI. Literally fallen at the 2nd hurdle.

I mean, come on. Every support crew member that just blanked him and drove by needs to have a look at themselves.

Poor kid.

I was completely skeptical but damn this memory foam pillow is so comfortable.

the noise groups used to generate was atrocious. And then the hilarity of the mimicking of email reply-all nonsense. With people posting to the group telling the person that had just posted to the group that they perhaps shouldn't have posted to the group. What a shower it was.

Honestly think twatter has got much closer to something useful with events/moments. But for the most part, the unstructured river of drivel is still fine.

Aye, groups were rather turd, in the end. Always touted as StatusNet's killer feature. In practice, for me, pointless.

Happy birthday to the local of my youth. ❤️

Today I learned that some parts of the US have elected judges. Which is terrifying.

To water meter, or not to water meter.

Hard to deny.
Didn't think they'd all agree it was enough, but they did.

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