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Teemo is unimpressed with the current political theatre.

Whisper it quietly, but I might have finally made the jump to firefox.

_ For clarification, the waitrose ref was for benefit of the joke. I don't have a waitrose account. Am not that much of a cunt. _

Where's the kickstarter for the toilet that analyses my turd? Huh?

It would order ingredients on my waitrose account based on updated dietary requirements gleaned from the chemical makeup of turd.

And update my GP records of course.

Or in the event I live in some hellscape of a country, inform my health insurance company that I'm not eating right.

And store all this in an unsecured AWS storage bucket somewhere.

I ask ye? Where's the real innovation in this space?

Forgot to mention this earlier but...

What the thundering fuck? Behave.

Notwithstanding anything else, personally I'd like to delay Brexit just long enough until the tax evasion laws kick-in in January. Just to see how it effects Mr Banks, Old Nige, and Moggy McMoggface.

It's well believed that the majority of voters in the UK are relatively socially conservative compared to centrist party platforms of recent times and are relatively economically left-wing compared to recent centrist party platforms.

Have seen a platform that represents this outlook glibly referred to in the past as a "Fund the NHS; Hang the Peados" party.

Bojo and his posse have already started down this road.

Remainer delight on twitter is misplaced and imagine will be brief.

There will probs be an election and he looks well positioned. Not great but not bad.

Even if he makes only small gains in an election. He'll have moved his party to the right and probably gained back most of the 21 from yesterday by replacing them with brexit champions.

Probs back to a teeny tiny majority, but a united one, that agrees with his policy.

Just looked up who my MP is at my new fixed abode. And, I promise I'm not joking, he's a member on the Liaison Committee Sub-committee on the effectiveness and influence of the select committee system.

The wife's film won the overall prize in Rome today. 💪

A we treat for finishing the painting.

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