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Remainer delight on twitter is misplaced and imagine will be brief.

There will probs be an election and he looks well positioned. Not great but not bad.

Even if he makes only small gains in an election. He'll have moved his party to the right and probably gained back most of the 21 from yesterday by replacing them with brexit champions.

Probs back to a teeny tiny majority, but a united one, that agrees with his policy.

Just looked up who my MP is at my new fixed abode. And, I promise I'm not joking, he's a member on the Liaison Committee Sub-committee on the effectiveness and influence of the select committee system.

The wife's film won the overall prize in Rome today. 💪

A we treat for finishing the painting.

The plug sockets upstairs are mounted on the skirting boards because, well, I guess because people are cunts.

Don't support the strongman prime minister just because you like his politics. There's always a human cost eventually.

Honestly. Untitled Goose Game is the most I've looked forward to a game release since I was a teenager.

Ah, the humble Headache, the medical dictionary coding equiv of hello world.

"And if the end of the world is nigh, at least now we have its soundtrack."

Closing line in the guardian's review of tool's album

Looking forward to seeing what Alexander Albon can do in the big boys car.

New opinion heard today.
No deal because they just want it to be over with.
Oh my sweet friend. This is not the end. This is just the beginning of the bullshit.

Tool album out on Saturday. Impatient⏳

Downstairs painting done.
Mercifully only painting the main bedroom upstairs. And it's all 1 colour. The end is in sight. Praise deity.

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