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Searches were supposed to be ready yesterday so the conveyancer is definitely getting a prod today.

Not a lot of sleep and a food haul on the bike. Richard is tired boy right now.

Spent the last 2 nights wrestling with Squarespace. Thank christ I'm done.

Verstappen: you need to give me more power
Engineer: you are at full power
Verstappen: ...

Made me chuckle.

2 defenses thrown up by folk at the office after uttering racist remarks recently:

After describing a group as 'all rude and mean'.
Called on it.
'it's not my fault if they're all rude, I've never met one that isn't. No, not like that, I know a nice one, well, my auntie does and she wouldn't lie, so that wasn't racist'

After describing a different group as 'all a bunch of thieving bastards'
Called in it.
'it's not racist if it's a fact though is it?'

A friend tried to arrange a roofing company to inspect her flat-roof for damage. They refused to book "unless her husband was also there"


' Set to 10 to make it relatively future proof
For i = 5 to 10
' Attempt to create an object to the PDF control
blnAR = IsObject(CreateObject("Pdf.PdfCtrl." & i))

' If found, exit loop
If blnAR Then Exit For

Got a quote for wooden shutters for small bay window in new house.

Hahahaha hahahaha.

Strava won't allow read access to public data without an oath token. Really complicating my plans.

Leeds clear out so far has been canny hefty.... Clarke, Jansson, Saiz, Wilks, Halme, O’Connor, Kitching, Sacko, Denton, Dalby - Peacock Farrell . c. £20m

£75 to transfer the double glazing 10 year guarantee from current owners. Cheeky rent seeking motherfuckers.

Finally got to work on tonight. Fingers crossed I'll have it working by the weekend.

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