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I'll be honest, this feature made me happy.

Just observing the brexit process and the politics of the day and the nationalistic circle-jerk, groupthink, personality cult wankfests that it's all enabling. It makes you realise.... these are the people that in 20th century geopolitical conditions would start wars just for the fuck of it. These are the people that made it all happen.

Solid evening in Low Hauxlay faffing about on the beach not thinking about neighbours or mortgages.

The Mrs has moved on from bookmarking houses we can't afford to bookmarking houses we can afford, then attaching links to ideas for extensions and renovations to it, that we can't afford.

"You fucking stupid mong! Who do you think you're talking to? I'm gonna kick your face clean off ya! Ya little fucking cunt"

- Wor Donna from downstairs

Drama series based on the true and extraordinary story of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Maltese journalist who was murdered in 2017.

This was the hardest ride I've done. Mostly due to the amount of mountain bike tracks and muddy bogs that were involved.

Waiting my entire adult life for the eve of Brexit before investing in a commodity is classic Cutts play.

Which is, of course, a terrifying development.

Hopefully viewing a house on Monday. 🤞

When the bikes were nicked. My wife made a flyer with the bikes on, asking people to contact her or the police if they'd seen anything and posted them through every house on the street and the street opposite the back lane.

Getting so many notes... All mostly saying they saw nothing and expressing sympathy and solidarity.

The one this morning was someone offering to give Maria their bike because they don't need it anymore.

She's gonna have to do a follow-up.

Shop didn't charge me anything to fix her up. Good eggs, those lads.

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