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Popular restaurant in newcastle closed down unexpectedly.

First comment on the story. Is the hottest of takes. 🚴

Most surreal moment of the Leeds game was Berardi keeping a lid on his shit and not trying to knock the bollocks off half a dozen people.

"How is it racism if it's just facts... when 80% of them a thieves that's not racism"

Shit I heard today.

Followed by "my friend's neighbour is a nice one, I've met them loads, and they get on really well"

He understands support, what it is when a football club is part of your heritage, part of your being. And he understands that in such circumstances, success is only part of what is important. Whatever happens in the play-offs, Leeds fans will never forget this season. They will always have the memories of the time the love came back.

That was so Leeds today it was fucking ace.

Money can't buy you happiness but it can buy bikes and that's near enough.

The opening scene of Drive is so well done.

We get some special pamphlets through our door.

This really left a mark on young impressionable me. Remember wondering what in holy hell I'd just witnessed. But knowing it was special and wanting more of it.

Having to wait 3 weeks for your new bike to arrive.

Forgot to post about carrying a bag of vegetables. 🚴‍♂️

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