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Have purchased a bicycle turbo trainer. How long until I sell it due to lack of use is anyone's guess.

ITV punditry doing the whole "it's a shame there's so much racism abroad" bit.

The Farther's birthday today. I'm sure his plans involve liver damage.

More importantly however, first day of spring. Huzzah.

So, whilst I'm well aware that recycling isn't anything like it's cracked up to be and I imagine good points are made in this article... I just can't bring myself to read past the first few paragraphs. Honestly, I can't believe that this person gets paid to write for a living.

Can only assume don't have any copy editors left on the payroll... Reads like a ranty blog post knocked out in half an hour. It's unbearable.

Leeds lost their grip on promotion,,
Wales won the 6 Nations,
And Scotland won the Calcutta Cup.

Yesterday's sport can get in the sea.

Honestly can't watch the match tomorrow. Just can't. It's too much.

I'll just head out on the bike and pretend it's not happening.

Hears fireworks at 1 in the afternoon.

Checks internet.

Of course they were Brexit fireworks.

Rethinking tomorrow's route in light of this nugget of info.

At least there are no other current events that are straining republican / loyalist relations in Ulster.

Tempted for this to be my Saturday. If the wind behaves itself just a little.

Want a smart turbo trainer so much right now but they are so expensive.

Is there a rugby podcast called prop and lock? If not, why not?

Forgive the trumpet blowing but here they are again. My wife's updated show-reels.

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