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A human sized stack of food rescued from going in the bin and plated up in just a few of hours. πŸ’ͺ🚴

Snaps from my visit to Belfast last year.

Office idiot thinks Neeson's comments were just taken out of context.

12 month (in Spain, so suspended by default) sentence for Jose for tax fraud. Did all these guys have the same accountant?

So because I've never had need to do something like this and probably never would. I honestly had no idea that unary positive and negative operators have a lower precedence than multiplication and division.

This caused much amusement:
DECLARE @n INT = -10
DECLARE @p INT = 10;
SELECT @n/@n*@p, -10/-10*10;

----------- -----------
10 0

Good moaning.
Time for another game of Will Any Tradesmen Show Up.

Flights to nice booked.
Hotel in Cannes booked.
Apartment in Antibes booked.

Lots of plumbing work going on. Water bill is gonna be sickening this month.

By the sounds of it the tiler is demolishing my house.

Tradesmen update. After starting at 10:15 yesterday they were packed up and gone by at least 16:55 when I got home.

Playing the waiting game again this morning. "Always on site well before 8am" they said. Well, I've got myself 2 data points that say you're never on site until well after 8am.

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