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If you aren't yak shaving; are you even working?

Wish Tusky would remember my timeline position...

Can't wait to have a bike with a 1x chainset. MVD! Minimum Viable Derailleurs.

Well... I'm still getting 404 for sw.js but image uploads are working and link validation is working too. So I'll take it.

Instance going dark while I install from scratch. See you on the flip side.

I've even got nginx running as root now and it still symlinks are 404s.

I hate computers.

With I hadn't nuked my server...
This is getting on my tits.

Currently in mastodon/nginx/docker/symlink hell.

Top things that prevent me from 'de-googling'.

Storage costs. I've no idea where to put or how much it would cost for photo/video/docs/email storage.

Email. Self hosting email is terrifying because email is a magic black box. What email service will still exist in X years. Moving email address is a ballache.

Secondary things.

Some of the software is damn good. Especially Maps, including the privacy violating elements, which I've found useful on numerous occasions.

Watching Man utd is painfully dull at times.

Tearing my hair out trying to get a wireless access point working at the wife's new office.

And how does one run a Windows VM in Linux these days?

Speaking of which. Where is Philip Newborough these days?

Watching The Grand Budapest Hotel again because it's god damn fantastic.

"Neymar is probably still everything he dreams of being, to the extent that he can’t get thirty seconds into 'Beginners Guide to The Offside Trap' on YouTube before he’s clicked away to ‘Neymar Jr 2019 - Magic Skills’."


Now. What is the name of the distro that rose from the #! ashes?

Haven't had a linux machine since my old thinkpad bit the dust. Might have to get a bargain basement laptop cos can't not have a windows machine and don't wanna dual boot..... first world problems.

Almost forgot to add my new card details to my digital ocean account. That would definitely have taken down my mastodon instance. 😂

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