@andyc he still fluffs the odd one, but who doesn't. He's in incredible form. Be it natural development, graft, good coaching, belief or all of the above. He's really come far in the last few years.

Having to wait 3 weeks for your new bike to arrive.

@stardot I got into cycling.... but think the sports car might have been cheaper.

@andyc loving VAR ripping hearts out mid celebration.

@metalbiker past best before date. Torn (needless) packaging, etc. But yup, was all fine.

@metalbiker all that was about to go in the wheelie bins. Nowt wrong with any of it.

We've lost the plot.

@andyc convinced that this is pogba's thought process every time he gets possession facing forward.

You are doomed.
I cannot fail to score, for I am Pogba™️.
First I will fool this inferior midfield player with a step-over and a drop of my shoulder followed by a burst of acce... Wait, the ball is gone, the brass neck, this must have been foul play.

But in French, obviously.

Forgot to post about carrying a bag of vegetables. 🚴‍♂️

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EE hilarity comes to an end

After saying the virtual landline couldn't be activated due to credit check. Letter received saying it was active.

Chased up again. No it's not, credit check has failed.

Then received bill for service that they won't activate. Asked why it's on the bill, and, if paying for it, we want it.

Told no, no credit check, no service.

Asked specifically what credit check failed. Told flagged because no purchase history with EE.

No shit, new customer.

Cancelled contract.

@dick_turpin I haven't seen a doctor my entire adult life... I was probably about 11 years old last time.

My GP is still somewhere in Middlesbrough when I signed up in university freshers week in exchange for a goody-bag of some kind.

Should probably sort that out.

Dog walks at the coast and a trip to the flea market is on the cards.

but federation... so It's the same, just get following folk😀 .

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