Steve Dale can get in the fucking sea. What a fucking tit rifle.

By this time tomorrow I'll be up to my neck in debt.

Wor Donna was playing up again last night.

At about 3am she had an almighty row and kickicked some bloke out of the house. Then a few moments later let him back in.

This dance was thrice repeated before one final eviction at about half 3 where it was announced that Donna was in fact, a slag, and her friend was a nonce.

@dvdmrsdn none give the impression that they are violent criminals and I don't have to share my garden with any of them. That'll have to do.

@andyc Exchanged on Monday. Complete on Friday.

My beer garden awaits.

@andyc painting the new house before I fill the rooms with stuff..

@metalbiker and of course there's always the other one that's popular. Pleroma?

@metalbiker I completely mis-understood your post about ostatus yesterday. Thought you had ostatus and so was using frendika to connect to masto folk. Not the other way around. I'm such a numpty.

@andyc I prefer working with imaginary databases.

This is just a blatant attempt to weasel his way into David Squires next cartoon.

Had the conversation again tonight that I've had about 20 time in the last 6 weeks:

My neighbors are a nightmare so moving out.

You should get rid of them, report them. Don't let them chase you out.

No, it's not worth it, they are bad news.

Don't be a pushover. They can't get away with being like that. Stand up for yourself.

Have you heard of the Tams family?

Oh fucking hell! Jesus Christ! Move out as fast as possible. What are you still doing there? don't look at them directly in the eye.

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