Lamb heart recipe looks like a candidate for the slow cooker christening. That, or a beef randang.

@andyc AI to spot learning bots in action that he can sell to the poker websites. That's where the money is. 😉
If you can't beat them, sell to them.

@Curator congrats.

I don't trust me enough not to fuck it up. It's too important.

If my mastodon instance stops working, no great shakes. My email breaks, I'm fucked.
My project that pays the rent is starting to ramp up. Data in; Data out. That's the jist of it. All that is just marketing bollocks.

@andyc I talked myself out of playing with it. Feel my internet connection speed makes its use limited if hosted at home.

@cwebber self hosted email genuinely sounds about as much fun as having kidney stones.

@andyc @dvdmrsdn this brings me full circle to a conversation I had yesterday in which people were telling me that self hosting wasn't that hard and anyone can copy/paste commands so the idea that it was a techie pursuit was incorrect.

Off to Malta on Tuesday for Christmas.
Hopefully this time I don't get an infection from tiger mosquito bites. Then gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, and drug induced hepatitis as a result of the prescribed medication for said infection.
Because that. Was fucking shit.

@andyc I remember the days when he was just playing poker.

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If you want to support #Pinafore development, please donate to Eugen or your local admin/moderators instead. They make it all possible. ♥

I have a day job, and I do Pinafore for fun. The server costs me $15 per month to run, which is cheaper than a lot of other hobbies

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Crossposting bastards.
As covered in TINAP 7.
Always fresh; Always relevant.

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If you see someone on using a cross-poster from Twitter and never actually posting/responding here, please report them. I think that can be reasonably considered spam.

Thoroughly enjoying the ERG nutters claim a 63%-37% vote defeat should be taken seriously and is close enough that it is a mandate for a change in position. Whilst at the same time claiming that a 52%-48% victory is a winner takes all "The people have spoken" outcome.

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