Gear cables corroded and disk brakes worn down to the metal. Time for a service 🙈

@ghostdancer almost certainly a punishment for her relationship to Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Hard to fathom another reason.

Claiming she needed to apply for a letter approving her dual citizenship before getting it. And providing maltese authorities with her british citizenship certificate.

However, British law grants her citizenship at birth, so she'd have had to apply in utero. And secondly, they don't give certificates to people they deem british at birth. For example, I don't have one.

@ghostdancer unsure of this implications at present but the paper pusher she's dealing with is questioning her citizenship and accused her of perjury. So it's a laugh a minute at present.

My wife is getting bureaucracy blocked attempting to renew her Maltese passport. To the point where bad faith is suspected.

Hoping this doesn't become an issue.

It's spygate press conference anniversary, apparently 🤣

One of the maddest events in recent Leeds United history.

And I'm sat in the same pub one year on. I wasn't here the whole time. Just some of it.

Also, there's a doggo.

@andyc best refer him to this, in case he gets stuck.

@Luke I get it if you aren't directly working on shoveling the trash onto the fire. In the same way we all, to different degrees, abstract away and distance ourselves from ethical dilemmas we encounter making our way through the world.

But the closer you get to it...

Dunno how the people that work at these shitrag tabloids to churn out their nonsense don't get up every morning, look in the mirror, and just want to kill themselves.

You just go to work everyday and try and set fire to the world.

@dick_turpin @ghostdancer
forgot to update the config flag for

dontBreakOnReboot to be "True"

"Perhaps most importantly, during the implementation period, my department will have the freedom to negotiate, sign and ratify new trade agreements"
Liam Fox (Nov 2018)

What's your assessment of how those trade deals are coming along, Liam, old chap?

"What we must be doing is to stop this ridiculous focus on trade as being, quote, Trade Deals"

Oh... I see... So... not as well as you'd hoped, then?

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