Lad at work just had a bloke come and fix his boiler and was treated to some wonderful facts of life.

His diabetes isn't real and he doesn't need his insulin.

Due to his childhood vaccinations he'll have at least a little bit of autism. There's a spectrum, you know.

Cancer has been cured but it's being kept a secret because palliative care is more profitable.

You should get any fillings removed when you're in your 60 because they cause alzheimer's.

@fitheach doughnuts are a common occurrence here. Sometimes company bought, other times colleague bought.

Mostly because it's convenient to pop next door to the bakery.

@fitheach I'll be the last out of the office. Any remaining pies will be dealt with swiftly and without mercy.

@fitheach my 70km a week on the bike seems to keep me at an equilibrium even when I eat loads of trash. For the time being, at least.

The US healthcare system and those like it are terrifying. Not being able to afford healthcare that would change your life, bankrupt in order to save your life. So free at use 'universal' healthcare, be it the NHS model or another, is needed.

The UK legal system is equally fucked. Not being able to afford the protection of the laws or going bankrupt in order to defend yourself when accused of a crime. Justice, as with healthcare, should not bankrupt people. END

The rule of law depends on it.

Dec 10th is when I allow myself to acknowledge that Christmas is on the horizon and to partake in the festivities.

In that spirit.

I've had 5 mince pies already today.

Elections are the worst. Can't wait for the 2020 edition.

@esureL @chotemysl

I got 3 punctures during one commute in the pissing rain. That was probably my worst trip.

Love that our #10 is our left beck. It's been a wild ride.

@andyc frankly, we are so poor from set pieces (or dealing with crosses in general... both offensively and defensively) we will grasp at every straw we see.

After not scoring from a corner for about forever. Then doing so 2 games in a row. Leeds twitter didn't disappoint.

@andyc @dick_turpin

😅 will be sure to tell all the folk that come to the people's kitchen on Wednesday lunchtime that Pete said everything was fine.

@andyc joking aside, think this may be a break from the norm for most.

Especially in tight team scenarios.

you have the added thing of elite sport being played in the head. Sure you've talked about this before, Like how teams change perf mid-match after a goal.

but also, the weekly grind. less effort here and you fall short physically. I didn't prepare quite properly for a 120km ride that I'd done before successfully. Was blowing out my arse by halfway round.

@andyc I underperform at my job when I hate my boss. Imagine most people are the same.

@andyc MK Dons should offer them a ground share until they can sort out their troubles. Would be ultimate shithousery.

@fitheach @andyc

yeah, pretty much every report/poll/model still pointing at a working majority for bojo, which to be fair has seemed most likely all along. What is so bizarre is what little vote swing required in either direction to go between a hung parliament and a massive majority.

It's more pronounced now because of Brexit lines but has been a little bit this way ever since the SNP swallowed Scotland.

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