@dick_turpin then I remember it's like being thankful for getting shoved from the 10th floor window instead of the 20th.

@dick_turpin All I keep telling myself is at least it's not Raab, or Leadsom, or lord knows who else might have been the no-deal poster boy in his absence. Steve Baker maybe, crikey.

@andyc indeed. The wife is under orders not to throw any dirty looks their way should they cross paths.

@dick_turpin I agree. But I'd add that that's what everyone said last time. And it's what everyone said about David Davis the time before that.... We are, however, in stranger times. So whilst I'm waiting for the last minute twist. I still think you're right.

@andyc just madness. I don't understand what route people think he has to the leadership.

Only way I can see is if he somehow makes the final 2 (honestly don't see how) then BoJo is caught having a three way with Diane Abbott and Jean-Claude Juncker the day before the postal votes go out.

Shop didn't charge me anything to fix her up. Good eggs, those lads.

The police have recovered my wife's bike \o/ Huzzah.

It's in pretty bad shape though. The wheels aren't true, rear QR skewer is snapped. A broken brake lever, both brake cables snapped (how?) Scratches you'd expect on a well used 3 year old bike.

@pla the entire family is infamous. Mostly for burglary, armed robbery, attempted murder, dealing heroin, and assault. And what have you.


@tregeagle worst thing is it's almost certainly friends of our new neighbor that did it.

Made some new friends on the way to work

@pla yeah, I did right away. Am in a processing queue. They'll get to me Friday morning.

@pla the Trek is a couple of weeks old at most and she'd only got to ride it once.

@pla I am 99% certain it was someone who, whilst visiting our new downstairs neighbour, saw the bikes in our shared backyard. Returned last night and made off with both of these.

They only didn't take my new Kinesis, I assume, because it had a £150 lock on it instead of a £30 lock. But I'm not gonna chance them returning with power tools to finish the job so am currently wracking my brain for an indoor storage solution.

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