Watched the Scotland/Japan Eggball again on catchup last night. Got withdrawal.

@andyc @fitheach yeah, I'm pretty hands off on the car to be honest. Anything non-basic and I leave it to the garage. Have changed the bulbs. That's about it.

@fitheach @andyc yeah all new plaster board on almost every wall. Was a doddle.

@fitheach @andyc yup, have used many a youtube video.

Watched a spark install a new plug socket in my kitchen with my own eyes before doing my own though. To be sure, to be sure.

@fitheach @andyc having got my (the wife's, actually) first car last year and my first house last month. Have only now had the option to do my own DIY. Finding it enjoyable and terrifying in equal measure... but the novelty will soon wear off, I've no doubt.

If there's something I'm not sure how to go about even after research then I'm hiring someone and watching them like a hawk to try and do it next time.... but by then I'll probs have lost all interest 😂

@andyc @fitheach football manager used to consume me. In the 6 weeks leading up to my A-Levels I snapped my CD in half so that I wouldn't be able to play it.

Got caught out by that Really Wet Rain™️

Misty rain started on the last leg of the food cycle. My waterproofs were trapped under 15kg of parsnips.

You know what never ceases to disappoint me? Songs that fade out. A total cop out.

@fitheach I think some of it is less time meant I became more inept at them which made them not fun.

Some is that the games I enjoyed are the kind that were obsessive. Football manager games, civilization games. Games I'd play for 18 hours at a time, for days on end. So when I finished university, I made a conscious choice to stop that.

@fitheach not none like you but I have very little interest. Had a big interest when I was young but now very, very minimal.

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