Still can't help but love that after almost mostly walking back the clusterfuck that was Northern Ireland we just couldn't help but chuck in a grenade.

Ten minutes in and Norwich and Sheff Utd are both 1-0 up... cheers lads 🙄

The Mrs took this quiz too and her heat map was mostly Brighton, then the rest north east and tiny bit of Scotland. She did a year at Glasgow film school and her mother grew up in Brighton before moving to Malta so they do seem to have some good data.

Leeds not playing today and both main rivals for the title are playing relegation fodder. Sigh.

@andyc I remember you bringing it up because the kitty system was unknown to me until that point.

@andyc it caused a great debate last night about the best way to drink in a group.

[Dunno where that post got to. Must have been victim of accidental deletion.]

Running surpluses in the eurozone is to export deficits. Lack of national exchange rate policy enforces austerity and destitution. Macroeconomic prison.

Even if it all went south I'd honestly keep Bielsa with us all the way out of the football league. He's the embodiment of everything I love about this stupid game.

Signed up to a 160k at the end of march. Lost my marbles.

Another big rejection for the wife today. Another in a long line of aimless and poorly executed pep-talks from me.

She's a hair's breadth from jacking in her career. Maybe one more disappointment in her, maybe not even that.

New cassette and chain. I can pedal again.

No, you eat garbage when your wife is away.

Formula 1 cars for the new season starting to break cover. F1 equivalent of the end of the summer transfer window.

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