A human sized stack of food rescued from going in the bin and plated up in just a few of hours. 💪🚴

Snaps from my visit to Belfast last year.

Deploying an HDInsight cluster.


Crikey. I was only rejecting cookies. No need to make it a big deal, Oracle.

Close as I've ever come to having a GoDaddy account.

Ander Herrera:

"When I joined Bilbao, Marcelo Bielsa told me, ‘don’t complain ever again, because referees are there to help footballers.’"

"I remember the things he would say. ‘If we score the first goal, we are going to try to score the second,’ ‘don’t waste time,’ ‘don’t complain to the referee,’ ‘even if you have a bad decision, keep running, keep fighting,’ ‘if you score a goal, the best way to defend is to score the second one.’"

God I love him. 😍

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