Made some new friends on the way to work

20km hauling carrots and cucumbers and whatnot around Newcastle this morning. Longest track yet. Want to see if I can draw something childish on the map next time.

My fave bit.

"The Commissioner of Police is appointed and can also be dismissed by the PM. PM Muscat is now on his fifth Commissioner of Police. The first, John Rizzo, had served for 12 years
and was preparing corruption charges against disgraced former European Commissioner John Dalli. Days
after Labour won the 2013 election, Mr Dalli returned to Malta, having previously been too ill to travel. PM Muscat immediately dismissed Mr Rizzo and appointed Mr Dalli as a public health consultant"

Some of the custom emoji on my company slack are... A bit niche.

This isn't good reading for the torys.

Popular restaurant in newcastle closed down unexpectedly.

First comment on the story. Is the hottest of takes. 🚴

We get some special pamphlets through our door.

Having to wait 3 weeks for your new bike to arrive.

Forgot to post about carrying a bag of vegetables. 🚴‍♂️

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