you just have an action camera, right. Not like a looping safety cam type setup?

@rpcutts GoPro 7 / Anker battery pack / 256GB storage card. The GoPro / Anker battery and USB cable combination is not super reliable. The USB connectors corrodes and GoPro has its own weirdness from time to time. Thinking about trying other camera brands. Probably would still have problems though. 🤔 No looping.

@pla my options at the moment look like a Drift Ghost or the Cycliq light/camera combos.

The latter often get questionable reviews for customer support and longevity... so hesitant to even consider.

@rpcutts Not familiar with Drift Ghost or Cycliq. Let me know if you find a winner.

Looping is nice. I just record everything. When you have a huge battery and huge SD card there is no need for looping.

@pla hmmmm, see, I don't want to have to manually clear space on the card. I just want to put an sd card in and forget about it.

@pla knowing my luck the day I get ran over will be the day the SD card just got full.

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