And standing room only. The wife is gonna be thrilled about that when it pulls in.

@rpcutts My other half is currently stuck in Chinley trying to get back to Sheffield. Not going to hear the end of this for a while...

@ben main issue here was a trans pennine ticket can't be used on other services in the event of delays or cancellations. So has had to watch a few trains go by. 🤪

@rpcutts there's an argument to be made for an integrated rail service, we could call it something, like, say, British Rail...

@rpcutts @ben If only the railways were privatised and the great and good invisible hand of the free market could make everything better....

@dvdmrsdn @ben sorry, you were too slow, @r7 already made your point for you.

@rpcutts @ben good old, if only I could see his points. Another case for nationalisation.

@dvdmrsdn @rpcutts @ben Is r7 a GNU Social luddite ? I am subb'ed but can't see his posts.

@andyc @dvdmrsdn @ben

"mildly grumpy anarchist, living off the grid in the mountains"

Nailed it

@ben @rpcutts that was the crazy flooding in Sheffield wasn't it?

@rpcutts @ben got family in Sheffield, one joked they were swimming to work this morning! Another seriously thought they'd end up sleeping at their work last night rather than try to get home.

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