@rpcutts Please can you ask the author to include beer and lager. An invaluable resource. What the Internet was made for.

@rpcutts So RED is the cheapest but what are the cells in pale green ? Enquiring minds want to know.

@andyc we reckon green indicates it's the lowest it's ever been priced. We are unclear what red text is.

@rpcutts Well I'm made up you have your colleagues piondering over this important issue but

700ml Beefeater London is pale green for '14' but all-time low is '12' but I was thinking along these lines.

Is 'RED' a low that is below MEAN ?

Pity we can't see the actual formulae used rather than the literals.

@andyc quite right.

Green is current lowest.
Red is 15% lower than next cheapest.
Blue on record low column indicates it's currently available at this price.

@andyc Red is 15% cheaper than the next cheapest

@rpcutts Fuck off ! It may well be correct but there's no way you have arrived at that conclusion without putting the raw data into another spreadsheet.

Get some bleedin' work done. Friday and the pub lunch is tomorrow so that will be another day written off.

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