Elemnt Bolt bicycle computer screen distorted. Purchased August 28 2019. I read Wahoo Fitness Support is good. I'm about to find out.


@pla shiiiiit. Following with interest in case my Elemnt ever pops.

@rpcutts Received the Elemnt Bolt today. A+ for Wahoo support. ☮

@pla nice. I kinda want the Elemnt Roam but can't be spending pennies.

@rpcutts I hear ya.
The Roam looks nice. I bought the big one by mistake and then bought the Bolt. Glad I had the big one. Came in handy. I prefer the size of the Bolt though. I definitely prefer the Elemnt devices over Garmin. I like the UI, the app, and the display on the Elemnt devices. I hated that when you plugged in the USB cable to charge the Garmin it powered on. Annoying.

@pla I have loads of their shit 😅. I have the big Elemnt. And have the Tickr X and a Kickr snap.

I didn't fancy a Garmin. Everything about them looks fiddly. And everything Wahoo I've bought since has been top drawer.

@rpcutts Nice.

I am glad I switched from Garmin to Elemnt.

@pla I wish they did a watch. It was rumoured a while back but nothing came of it.

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