The wife and I, unfortunately, have ended up by random chance living in the same city as her brother.

We avoid spending time with him and his family as a rule because for one thing we don't enjoy each others company and they have never been close.

This of course is suboptimal as far as her parents are concerned so every no and again we realize we have nothing to do but meet up with them.

But here comes the other reason. Following this visit, as with all the rest...

A few days go by and... the wife's parents get very upset with her and attempt to give her quite the scolding because as ever, something that we did, didn't do, said, didn't say, intimated, insinuated or seemed to indicate has caused her brother offence.

This time it was that we didn't spend the required amount of time cooing over his infant son.

This, because his a parent, ergo insane, is a huge slight. And because he's a man child sent him running to his parents to complain of our rudeness.

I am considering attempting to rectify this by politely informing him he's welcome over to my front door anytime for a swift, but sincere, punch in the face.

Chances are it won't help but it would sure feel very good.

@rpcutts What I would do and what you would do are probably poles apart.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry he's upset with us. What a shame, and there was us going to offer to babysit for them."

Course, that could backfire on you and they take you up on the offer. Bwahahaha

@dick_turpin he's a thundercunt and she's a wankpuffin.

While at lunch she told the wait staff that her 4 year old child had a refined palate. My eyes nearly rolled all the way to my sphincter.

@rpcutts Sounds like my Sister-in-law. We call her Lady Beckham. She invited us round a good few years ago to look at the En Suite her then partner had recently fitted. It was a a bog and a shower in the bedroom! The best laugh was the shower tray was literally 2ft from the bed. How I didn't burst out laughing I don't know although she wasn't impressed when I asked if I could give the toilet a try. Bwahahaha

@rpcutts Sounds a strange chap. Firstly, to be slighted that you don't admire his offspring and then to go bleating to Mummy.

@andyc fucking weird, right? (It's daddy, always daddy, but you have the gist)

@rpcutts Are you his missus isn't exerting pressure on him ? Just sounds (without being a sexist pig) very un-male type behaviour.

@andyc perhaps. They are both equally pompous bizarre. I dunno if they were always cunts or if they get taught at Oxford.

This is the same man that fell out with his mother when she told him they were going to stop paying for his credit card. I think he was about 37 at the time.

@rpcutts Christ - if my son ever came bleating to me with similar complaints, I think I'd disown him and/or give him a damn good talking to.

@andyc @rpcutts I am appalled you have not spoken to me this morning. Please DM either your mother or mother-in-laws number so I can tell them what a selfish individual you are!

@dick_turpin @andyc I can't tell how much this nonsense just never goes away. It's always just around the next corner. Another inexplicable episode.

@rpcutts @andyc It's like watching Coronation Street from the comfort of your desk.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin I'm not close to my sister and we can go months/years (she emigrated to Oz for 13 years) without seeing each other but we still get on (or maybe that's why :-).

While it's horrid to be for your wife to be estranged from close family, is it really worth maintaining this relationship ?

@andyc @dick_turpin we try not to maintain it, but that brings wrath from her parents. "You are blood! You must be nicer to your brother". Old school Catholic, nothing is more important than family, do as your father tells you etc etc.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin ...but the obvious symmetrical argument is that 'You must be nicer, more patient and sociable with your sister'.

@andyc @dick_turpin we are spending Xmas with my mother, sister, and 2 year old nibblings for the first time while the rest of Maria's family are all together in a holiday cottage.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin Oh good. That should be a more pleasant experience.

@andyc @dick_turpin this went down like a lead balloon with her family and I received repeated emails from several of them about how they had to be all together and it was important.

The counterpoint that I hadn't had xmas with my family group for 6 years and not since my sister had had her kids... well this fell on deaf ears.

Relies like "when is a good time to call you so we can talk about this"

I just had to be exceedingly blunt in the end.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin Can't you just agree to alternate each year ? That's what we used to do...

@andyc @dick_turpin we sort of do this but every few years they do a big family get together in a holiday cottage. This time we aren't going, because last time was hell.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin Eeek ! I don't envy you that dilemma for the rest of your days 😟

@andyc @dick_turpin

This is verbatim:

"The parents told me that you're not keen on joining us over Christmas. Let me know when you can talk and let's see what we can sort out. "

"I've made plans with my sister. It will be our first together with my niece and nephew"

"I understand all your reasons. But we haven’t had xmas together in 3 years. So have a look at the details of the house and let me know if you're ok with the location"

"I'll be spending that Christmas with my sister"

@rpcutts @dick_turpin Some of this is getting a little private but...

'I understand all your reasons'

...but choose to ignore them.

Maybe you should spend Xmas with one half and New Year with the other although I suspect there's no easy solution here.

@andyc @dick_turpin we were going to drive down and back on boxing day but given the goings on of the last few days, the wife has no wish to go at all.

Just exhausting. All very alien to me. I have a small family that leave me mostly alone. We hang out with the family we like. Don't all get together to pretend we are BFFs only to fight the whole time.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin @andyc You can choose your friends and your enemies but you can't choose your family!!

@ollyclarkdotorg @rpcutts @dick_turpin My brother-in-law is a complete and utter prick and I despise/resent spending a minute in his company but I bite my lip as I think my wife is entitled to visit her own sister (who she is close to).

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