Starting the day properly. 😃

I like to have something fermented along with my breakfast. Usually this means sauerkraut, but sometimes other things like fermented beetroot.

This morning I opened the first jar of my latest batch of sauerkraut. It had a wee addition to the usual ingredients: GARLIC! It was great. 😋 I may never go back to plain sauerkraut.

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@fitheach I'm partial to a bit of kefir. but I don't usually have much for breakfast.

Do you make the kefir yourself?

I believe fermented stuff is good for digestion, and therefore having it early in the day is good. I have to admit that I eat my sauerkraut immediately after my breakfast, as otherwise, it makes my coffee taste funny. 😃

One of the reasons I make fermented stuff is the live bacteria which you (usually) don't get with shop bought products.

@fitheach in the past I have been very tempted to make ginger beer. Maybe one day.

When you say ginger beer, would that be alcoholic?

If this Brexit business ends in a complete disaster I'll be making my own whisky. That isn't an idle threat.😃


@fitheach it sure would. I even had a ginger beer plant (not even a plant, just a snotty blob of stuff) but never got around to using it.

I always think of ginger beer as something "drivers" have when the passengers are drinking real beer.

Sounds interesting, you should do it.

#TIL, not a plant.
The true Ginger Beer Plant dates back to around the 1700's and is not actually a plant at all, instead it is a living organism, best described by a man called Harry Marshall Ward as being "a composite organism consisting of a fungus, the yeast Saccharomyces florentinus (formerly Saccharomyces pyriformis) and the bacterium Lactobacillus hilgardii (formerly Brevibacterium vermiforme)".

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