Starting the day properly. 😃

I like to have something fermented along with my breakfast. Usually this means sauerkraut, but sometimes other things like fermented beetroot.

This morning I opened the first jar of my latest batch of sauerkraut. It had a wee addition to the usual ingredients: GARLIC! It was great. 😋 I may never go back to plain sauerkraut.

#food #fermenting #sauerkraut

@fitheach I'm partial to a bit of kefir. but I don't usually have much for breakfast.

@rpcutts @fitheach I thought Kefir was a brand of yoghurt. Have I got it wrong all these years? Is it a specific concept?

@clacke @fitheach wouldn't be suprised if a brand had piggybacked on it. It's a generic term. Fremented milky drink.

@rpcutts @fitheach So it's just a synonym to yoghurt?

Spellcheck wants me to type yogurt. Looks odd to the Swedish eye.

@clacke @fitheach I mean, they are both cultured milk... so depends on your definition of synonymous, I guess... I don't know a lot about this stuff. Kefir is always thin like a drink (to my knowledge) and is made differently... fermented at room temp from a sour starter like sourdough for example.

@rpcutts @fitheach Sourmilk and yogurt are both cultured milk, but they are definitely different. I'm guessing the culture makes the difference. So is kefir a specific culture for fermenting milk and would it be inaccurate to take any old yogurt and call it kefir?

I thought all three were fermented at room temperature.

@clacke @fitheach
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ have hit the limits of my knowledge.


@clacke @fitheach what I do know is that this is bootiful

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