The wife got some harddrives from Amazon that turned out to be not new. Obviously refurbs.

So she spoke to the seller who gave her a return label that that she printed, put on the box and sent on it's way.

Now they claim the returns never made it back to them and are refusing to refund the £300.

I call bullshit.

@rpcutts Would hope that Amazon would intervene with this. Definitely sounds dodgy.

@rpcutts sounds like a scam. What is their seller feedback like?

@andyc garbage feedback. She fell into the trap of not paying attention and just thinking she was buying from Amazon.

@rpcutts ah that's a shame. I pay particular attention to third party sellers but have used them. Surprised amazon were so unhelpful.

@andyc @rpcutts I've had Amazon refund me for third party stuff before when my first Pixel died and it turned out it was a US one sold "as new". I lodged the complaint on the Amazon website and they refunded me - don't know what happened to the original seller.

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