Time it took for Jose to be a cunt to Like Shaw in half time analysis. About 4 minutes.

@andyc he said that there was space in the middle for midfielders to run into when Maguire was out wide covering Shaw. Then smirked that Maguire is going to have to realise that he's going to spend a lot of his time this season out wide covering for Shaw.

@rpcutts It was interesting when Mourinho was talking about the 'compact block', 'low block and 'high block'. At one point he said - 'It's OK to push forward and be offensive but you must always anticipate the moment of losing the ball to resume the 'block'.

@andyc yes you could almost see in that remark the entire reason for the tedium of his tenure.

@andyc his reference to Carragher's Uncle Rafa. 😅

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