I still can't believe how much I rely on avatars to identify folk on here that I don't often interact with.

Someone changes one.

"Who the hell is this new motherfucker in my timeline?"

@rpcutts Current fediverse UX is extremely phishable

petnames avatars when ;)

@rpcutts It doesn't help that you can change BOTH your display name AND your avatar, possibly AT THE SAME TIME

@Canageek @rpcutts It also doesn't help that masto sometimes shows the username, and sometimes the displayname. And that many people (me included) have a displayname and username that are completely unrelated.

@rpcutts one avatar and you stick with it ... for life!
I wonder how many people do that at work, lol. Just changed mine in slack. I've been there a year and a half and people still get me confused with a bald guy 15 years older and 4 inches taller than me...
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