Just on the off chance.

Anyone here ever changed their hob from Gas to Induction and regretted it.

Everyone in my office is singing inductions praises to the extent that they may be on commission.

Also I don't trust any of 'em.

@rpcutts nope. We switched 2 years ago. Only regret not switching boiler to electric too

@Luke I still have nightmares about when I had electric heating

I prefer Gas, but if you haven't got gas, Induction is way better than plain electric or ceramic

@wyliecoyoteuk @rpcutts Gas gives you the ultimate control, but you still have plenty with induction, and the ease of clean-up more than swings it for induction for me. I’d say induction is more like cooking with gas than it is traditional electric.

@jh @rpcutts
Couple of things to be aware of.
Induction hobs need ventilation underneath for the fans.
They are a slightly different size compared to trad electric.

@rpcutts No, but gas is the only way to go if you can get it.

Induction is just the lesser of several-evils if you can't have gas!

@ben see, that's what I thought, but all my co-workers towing the line of Induction is better than gas and they'd never go back.

@rpcutts It's really good, but you can't beat a pure flame.

@ben potential new house has a ceramic electric hob. Which is getting ripped out the second I get the keys.

The gas boiler is close by so would probably not be too much drama to get a gas pipe put in.

@rpcutts @ben I'm gas all the way. Induction is good but I feel I have more fine control with gas. That said, I'll have to go the way of the electricals given that the UK has outlawed new builds with gas.. epic coup for the electricity supplier lobby.
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