Offer on a house accepted (and not a thing can go wrong from here 🤪)

On an unrelated note, does anyone know where I can get free food and clothing for about the next quarter of a century.

@rpcutts Foodbanks and charity shops may be your friend. Or as my Mum and Dad (two Yorkshire folk sketch) used to bore us with:-

'When we were first married, we sat around in deck chairs, ate off upturned packing crates and lived off beans and toast for the first years'.

Or, just sell those bicycles 🙂

Fingers crossed for you both that it goes through. Is there a chain ?

Maybe those scary criminals ultimately will have been proved to have done you a favour.

@andyc there's no chain. It was being rented. Tenants are long gone.

@andyc you know who is already planning the new kitchen and loft conversion.

@rpcutts @andyc
Good luck, we have bought a bungalow, hopefully moving in next month, and the wife is already looking at Conservatories.

@rpcutts I've been married 30 years and lived in the same house for 25. During that time, I have resisted the wife's calls for:-

1. Loft extension - where would all the crap in the loft go ?
2. Pull the garage down and build a Granny/Lodger/Youth self-contained flat - why ?
3. Build a large wooden structure (more than a shed) at the foot of the garden as a playhouse for the kids - what happens when the kids leave home ? Clue the answer isn't 'Home Office).

@andyc #2 is terrifying. Permanent residence for your 40 year old kid.

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