@rpcutts I like that patch. They have some good looking bags too.

@pla they do, was about to get one but now I need to buy a new bike to replace the one that got stolen last night.

@rpcutts Oh crap! Stolen bike. Who, what, when, and where?

@pla I am 99% certain it was someone who, whilst visiting our new downstairs neighbour, saw the bikes in our shared backyard. Returned last night and made off with both of these.

They only didn't take my new Kinesis, I assume, because it had a £150 lock on it instead of a £30 lock. But I'm not gonna chance them returning with power tools to finish the job so am currently wracking my brain for an indoor storage solution.

@pla the Trek is a couple of weeks old at most and she'd only got to ride it once.

That is just crap. You poor bugger. I had a bike stolen when I lived in London 30 years ago and the feelings I had at the time were just awful. I know it's just stuff but it's also people being horrible. I'd happily lend you mine but it's a bit of a ride from Australia

@tregeagle worst thing is it's almost certainly friends of our new neighbor that did it.

@rpcutts Damn it. That sucks big time. So sorry. If you haven't done so already file a police report. I know it may seem futile but I had a stolen bike returned by the police.

@pla yeah, I did right away. Am in a processing queue. They'll get to me Friday morning.

Wow. Friday. Must be under staffed and/or a lot of crime. Good luck.
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