Sorry for the cycling chat everyone but.

Two bikes stolen from my back yard last night. Am livid.

It's difficult not to suspect our new neighbors.

Well, at least my wife got to ride her new bike once before it was stolen.

@rpcutts Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that. Were they the expensive ones costing hundreds £££ ? You don't have much luck with neighbours do you ?

@andyc one was old and cost about £120 the other was 2 weeks old and cost £350.

In the past we've had some terribly noise folk, yeah. But in this flat, in 2-4 years, the neighbours have been almost perfect.

Now this. Moved in 6 days ago. 2 Police visits and a bike theft in that time.

@andyc and now I'm trapped, sharing a backyard and a front step with criminals. Universe is punishing me for a peaceful 4 years.

@rpcutts Christ. I bet you yearn for the days of frequent, loud love-making (the neighbours, not yours).

@rpcutts 'Spose the police don't want to know other than giving your a crime report number ?

@andyc in terms of the bikes, yeah, there's not really anything they can do other than go through the motions. ut I've spoken at length to a sgt that is keen for me to keep in contact regarding the neighbour with a view to gathering info to potentially force an eviction.

@rpcutts Without being judgemental, how can these folk afford to live adjacent to you ? I assume you live in a 'nice' area...

@andyc it's an ok, normal area. but ours and downstairs (and 2 or 3 more on the street) are part of a few ran by a housing association called Riverside.

@andyc so they won't be paying rent. I pay 400 a month.

Was a very beneficial setup until this weekend.

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