Deep down, the majority of Conservative MPs know that the whole enterprise is a warehouse full of snake oil. So there is a twisted logic in giving the sales job to Johnson, their most talented charlatan.

There is only so long that a government can parade a corpse and ask the public to admire it. Tories can dress it up in different costumes, stick a Boris-style wig on it, spray it with perfume, but the idea itself has started to putrefy. Its complexion has turned sallow.

@rpcutts These people truly are idiots. I heard Leadsome drawing up some more 'Bold red lines' yesterday. Yeah 'cos that worked really well last time, didn't it. Don't they ever learn ?

I saw another campaign launched with


Bizarrely, the Promise line was masked in pink crayon. Took me a full 45 seconds to get the message. 'Oh so you're not merely promising Brexit but you will deliver it' but you refuse to say how. OK. Here's my vote.

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