@pla good luck curbing the appetite after big efforts. I haven't managed it yet.

I really don't like the gels. I have a powder that I add to one of my water bottles if I'm going out for over 3 hours and a flapjack or similar bar. Over 4-5 hours and I'd likely stop somewhere for food. Also depends how many category climbs there are 😅.

@rpcutts Thanks. Glad I'm not alone. Probably the only solution is to stop doing big rides but where is the fun in that? Jeez, you mentioned climbs. I can't imagine my grocery bill if I had mountains around here. The only climbing I do is across bridges.

@pla on September 1st I'm doing a hundred mile closed road sprtive and it's got this evil bastard about a third of the way in.

@rpcutts "hits 15% for the last 1 km of the climb." Ouch! Good luck. Sounds like an adventure to remember.
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