Wife's business started 5 years ago and has paid every bill and every invoice instantly (that's how she rolls) even if the invoice has 30, 60, 90 day terms. She pays it the day she gets it.

Never missed a payment for anything.

Applied for an EE virtual landline sim card rolling monthly contract sim card.

Poor credit.

@rpcutts has she checked her report? you can get down rated for the stupidest of reasons that are quickly and easily addressed.

@stardot dunno where to do it for a business report...

@rpcutts same place as the personal ones I would assume, there's not that many references agencies. I use experian who seem to do business reports too. It proved useful when I was buying a house, my rating plummetted a few hundred points between home and found it was because my addresses weren't properly associated so they didn't know I had any lines of credit. Took an email to get it sorted. If she's as responsible as you say, it's probably somethig stupid like that

@stardot not the end of the world. The business has access to short term credit if needs be. (has credit card with a useful limit)

Just frustrating and opaque.

@rpcutts @stardot
Look at Experian.
Credit can be refused if you never get into debt, because there is no proof that you would be a relable payer. A friend of mine never had a credit card, always paid cash or by debit card, never went overdrawn a day in his life, was refused a loan because he "had no credit history"
Stupid I know.

@rpcutts @stardot
Other reasons:
Previous tenant of same property / family member using the same address had bad credit record.
Too many credit checks by other companies
The worst scenario is that someone else with a similar name in a similar situation is a bad risk
Or even worse, someone else has appied for credit in her name.

@rpcutts @stardot What @wyliecoyoteuk said. I suspect the clean record is the problem. It's another prime example of "Can't do right for doing wrong." It's all very well paying off credit card purchases early to avoid paying interest but it means there's no long term record of meeting payment deadlines. While credit card company's deny it it's pretty well known that they do in fact penalise you for being a good payer.

@dick_turpin @stardot @wyliecoyoteuk she got a report for the company just now. Came back 'excellent'. So it's just EE being shit.

@rpcutts @stardot @wyliecoyoteuk I'm with EE I hate them. The Mobile service I really liked was ID I want to move back to them tbh.

@dick_turpin @rpcutts @stardot most of my family dumped EE for GiffGaff, cheaper, better coverage, better service.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk might be worth asking EE who they use for references and checking them. Could be one of the others like Equifax

@stardot @dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk given they can't seem to find there arse with either hand at present, I shan't be injecting any additional questions.

EE hilarity comes to an end

After saying the virtual landline couldn't be activated due to credit check. Letter received saying it was active.

Chased up again. No it's not, credit check has failed.

Then received bill for service that they won't activate. Asked why it's on the bill, and, if paying for it, we want it.

Told no, no credit check, no service.

Asked specifically what credit check failed. Told flagged because no purchase history with EE.

No shit, new customer.

Cancelled contract.

@rpcutts When my daughter was a student, Virgin Media couldn't provision a landline number but insisted on charging 'landline rental'.

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