Interesting eBay started adding "Best offer" to auctions, expecting people to bid below the starting price, but people are using it as a "buy it now" option. I have sold 2 items now at more than double the starting price by accepting fair offers, and had 2 other similar offers, which were cancelled because somebody bid on the item, even though the offers were much higher than the bids!

@wyliecoyoteuk I kinda like the "Make an offer" option. I think it has two benefits: One it can tell the seller to stop being a cheeky fecker and asking too much. Two it gives someone a chance to buy something that may, auction wise, escalate out of their price range.

Well I was happy with it, sold a 2yr old Google home for £70 in minutes, and a vintage Escalado for £40.
I think they were both fair offers.

@rpcutts @dick_turpin
Funny thing is I thinkt hat eBay did it to push prices down, but it has worked the other way.
I started the Escalado game at £25, and got a £40 bid, but if someone had bid £25 on it the £40 offer would have been cancelled, which doesn't make sense.
Also the listing shows the winning bid as £25, not £40.

@wyliecoyoteuk @dick_turpin I've used it once where I offered over the starting price (where I thought there's a chance it would get plenty of action) and once under where the listing had been up for months and got no bids.

@dick_turpin @wyliecoyoteuk used the make an offer feature again to good effect.

Offered 160 for a bike listed at 190.


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