@rpcutts Are you amused because Jose was snubbed ? Or another reason ?

@andyc a little, yeah. But that would have been a truly stupid appointment.

Mostly because of the speed of the return and the power struggles previously between Zidane and President Billy Big Bollocks... makes me wonder what the terms were and how much grovelling there was.

@rpcutts His best year are behind him IMHO. Not sure United would be interested given his age (29), duboius injury record and astronomical wages.

@andyc injury record is gob smacking. Surprised if anyone will touch him.

...maybe swap him for Sanchez... Like for like.

@rpcutts Little known fact - Bale's middle name is 'Frank'.

@andyc Zidane wasn't a fan, and Bale was openly talking about moving on (even right after the CL final) until Zidane left and then he said he would stay.

Allegedly, there was pressure from the president to play Bale but Zidane didn't want to.

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