Racism nugget of the day at 0:17 - 0:30

"freedom of movement in Europe for, you know, the proper Europeans"

@rpcutts You wonder if/how/when these people held down meaningful jobs that required even a jot of basic intelligence. But if, they can afford holiday homes in Spain, presumably so. Long, deep sigh.


@andyc most folk at the pension company I worked at for 6 months were thick as mince. Most had worked there for 40 years, were on north of 30k per annum and had final salary pensions.

@dick_turpin @andyc to be fair I couldn't cope with the boredom of it after 6 months. And they'd been there their entire adult lives.

@rpcutts @andyc I suppose I'm a bit like that. I've been here for 20 years now.

@dick_turpin @andyc thought I had better leave in case all these folk used to be intelligent functional humans and it was the place that had slowly made them mouth-breathing fuck-nuggets.

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