@rpcutts This bike radar video showed up in my feed. Fairlight vs All City. https://youtu.be/_acrf8v8k2w

@pla video was mostly about their component choices rather than the bikes but good to see it in action.

Love how a dream bike I'd have to save up a year for is another man's winter scratch bike.

@pla Kinesis Tripster ATR is still my ideal I think but 1700 pounds for a frame (no fork) is a dream too far. 1000 for the fairlight frame and fork is just about do-able... Though I should be saving for a house. 😆

@rpcutts Thanks for the interesting rabbit hole. The Tripster ATR looks a great do-anything go-anywhere frame. Super nice. Finished up my journey with this video by Mike Hall RIP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-l1cETOmlQ Good words of wisdom there. Probably not helpful for that house dilemma though. ;-) :bicycle:
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