Age old conversation in the office about how software people can't name things properly. Brought up that, an image editing program has a full name of:

GNU's Not Uniplexed Information and Computer Systems Image Manipulation Program


@rpcutts I thought GIMP was always 'General Image Manipulation Program'.

@andyc The (rather dubious, history-rewriting) explanation of the #GIMP name given by Jeff Waugh at a Sydney Linux Users' Group meeting I went to a couple of decades ago ran (from memory) like so: GNOME = GNU Network Object Model Environment; GTK = GNOME ToolKit; GIMP = GTK Image Manipulation Program. So the full expansion is the GNU's Not Unix (you have to prefix with an infinity of these of course) Network Object Model Environment ToolKit Image Manipulation Program.
Really #GIMP isn't an acronym. I actually think free software naming is rather refreshing, considering the context of the 1990s when the first real free software for laypersons projects got started, among all that naff shareware with over-literal, over-qualified names like "EZ Image Editing Wizard Professional Home Edition".
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