We ❤️ #pleroma

We will be sharing the new Micro UI with the pleroma project and working with pleroma developers to implement it after we launch pixelfed federation support.


@pixelfed Wait, but pleroma can also do text posts. Will they be present within this UI?


@hinterwaeldler @pixelfed yup, this is a Tumblr-like UX.

See the options at the top of the feed in this screenshot for text / image / video / audio.

@rpcutts @hinterwaeldler @pixelfed
Maybe it is me, but I am not a fan of Tumblr's UX. It makes for limited discussion and comments.

Pixelfed is better than that, and can provide more I think.

@rpcutts @duvjones @hinterwaeldler @pixelfed
I guess, not everything is forum. My only concern with that is what you see happening at Twitter with similar limitations on communicating.

It leads to many things being assumed, and is not constructive ultimately.

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