I'm seriously considering getting myself one if these instead of the Pinebook. Something small to run Linux or a BSD on, more than likely the latter.

@claudiom almost got an x230 when this one 'broke' 2 years ago but opted for something more pricey. In hindsight I think I wasted my cash.

@rpcutts @ClaudioM It's why I turn-off sleep, hibernation, and all related features, desktop or notebook. There always is that time when it doesn't want to wake-up. So you're stuck with "is it dead or can I still wake it up". 😂

@claudiom @ayane honestly dunno what was up with this. Just stopped working about 2 years ago. Wouldn't even charge. Bought new power cable, left it plugged in for a day. Nothing.

Assumed "water damage" because was living in an apartment with damp so everything was usually covered in condensation.

Plugged it in last night on a whim. Charging light came on. Pressed power button. It booted up.

Welp, glad that it's back in working order. Now, to scour the intarwebs for a nice #ThinkPad. 👍

@ClaudioM Most does say that. I saw one was fixed that way. Another was related to the battery or something, like cut it to completely shut it down.


But yep, it's a good thing it woke up. Extra computer is always good, especially for playing with OSses. 🙂
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