This is me thinking about installing bunsenlabs over Windows 10 on my XPS.

@rpcutts You've got a cracking set of teats then by the look of it?

@dick_turpin I'm presenting nipples. Can't do that on Tumblr.

@rpcutts I daren't tell you the animated gif that past through my time-line earlier There's actually a shit tonne of porn on Mastodon.

@dick_turpin Mastodon is on the internet, after all. So I'm not surprised.

@whistlewright @alphakamp If it was a cartoon, it was a rather well endowed gentleman being, how shall I put this? Being massaged by a fairly attractive, naked young lady. Maybe it was a video on a loop? Obviously I paid it only fleeting attention as I am after all an unhappily married man. 😇

@whistlewright The name you're looking for is Hentai (or so I've been told not that I have seen ever something like that) I'm like @dick_turpin unhappily married and a serious person 🧐 @alphakamp @rpcutts

@rpcutts @alphakamp @dick_turpin I  remember the days when grown-ups were in charge. Gee, I miss those days.
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