Top things that prevent me from 'de-googling'.

Storage costs. I've no idea where to put or how much it would cost for photo/video/docs/email storage.

Email. Self hosting email is terrifying because email is a magic black box. What email service will still exist in X years. Moving email address is a ballache.

Secondary things.

Some of the software is damn good. Especially Maps, including the privacy violating elements, which I've found useful on numerous occasions.

Maps is easily my top reason and is unlikely to change for a very, very long time.

@rpcutts I've heard good things about SpiderOak for file storage. Another option is NextCloud for self-host, or pay NextCloud for hosting.

ProtonMail for email.

Getting away from Google Maps would be really hard. Open source mapping software just can't hold a candle to it yet.

@rpcutts @Johnny Null @Half-Cut Skeleton In my case de-googling would-be difficult at best because my workplace is Google-centric. I have and use all the services.

On a personal level my biggest gripe with Google (aside from the whole evil corporation big brother watching you schtick) is that you have to be online. I am in a rural area and being online is tough sometimes.
@rpcutts @whistlewright I agree. Google has placed themselves in a position that they have a better service, software, and used by friends, family, corporations.

The only one successfully challenging the Google suite is Yandex. Even in the branded service, Yandex connect is getting better in its offerings vs Google. Still a long way but they're getting there. Of course, one has to live with the fact that Yandex is a Russian company. So …

But yes, storage, email, and so many others, like a good integration in Android, are factors.
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