Suddenly nontech folk are talking to me /mentioning what three words. What's happened to make it poke into the mainstream?

Wedding today. Another tomorrow.

Urgh. Weddings are the worst.

Me and the other neighbors now take turns in making the call to the police on an unspoken rota.

Another fight downstairs. Sounded very much like someone booted a door off its hinges on the fourth attempt.

Looks like my local pub really upset Maximilion's mother. Fuck off back to waitrose ya daft bint.


The fucking 2% of Brexit Party voters that also claim they'd vot remain. FML.

_68% think we give too much in foreign aid, and 59% think it should be cut._

Documents signed. Exchange and complete next week in theory 🤞

Writing a CTE to build a folder tree and I think I'm about to recurse up my own arse.

Non-touch typists. Always check your window focus. Don't be like me and end up with a commit message of "/giphy calm your tits".

Why can't developer folk name things?

The Mrs just referred to the 'last 7 years of pain' with regards to being a Man United fan. Sometimes I think she's just trolling me.

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