That the backstop arrangements for the eventuality of a solution not being found will not be required in the event a solution is found, is being billed as breaking news, is just indicative of the bare arsed nonsense from which there seems no escape.

ALSO BREAKING --> Everyone's brains have turned to soup. Here's Tom with the weather.

Some mad bastard has offered me a mortgage.

My wife is a goddamn wonderful human.

Video her intern made to thank her for hiring him.

Writer-director Benjamin Bee — along with producer Maria Caruana Galizia and production company Candle & Bell — unfolds a touching and warmly funny fable about two estranged brothers from a traditional orthodox Jewish family forced to reunite when their father passes away.

Fuck me.
Despite already paying for the building survey. The surveyor has written to me saying I need to sign the enclosed form instructing them to do the survey or they can't do it.
As a rule, I don't go around randomly paying people for shit I don't want them to do.

Solicitors got Maria's name wrong on all the initial documentation so we amended it and then sent them an email:

"Hi, can you please update your records to make sure that you have my name recorded as:
Title: Mrs
First name: Maria
Surname: Caruana Galizia"

To which they replied:

"Hi Caruana, I will make sure I change the records."

If it was a joke, it was both funny and well executed, but we all know it wasn't.

Paid for the building survey and the first installment for the conveyancing.
Am now broke.
Send beer.

Love that cloudflare falling over the other week brought back Wannacry because the killswitch went down.

Nothing works and everything is fucked. 😂

And rugby.

I would rather win the 6 Nations than the world cup.

And if you asked me if I'd like them to win the 6 Nations but only if it meant losing the calcutta cup on the way to doing it... I'd need to have a think about it.

Strange thing about sport, or at least, as a spectator of sports. My enjoyment of it doesn't seem all that logical.

Cricket world cup. Enjoyed the final very much. Was chuffed with the result and loved the tension. But didn't come close to the Ashes in 2005. And it would be the same again. I'd rather England win the Ashes than the world cup.

Haha. These guys were on the ball here. Alive to the situation during the celebrations.

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