@paul I've foolishly agreed to play Twilight Imperial 4 on Saturday. In over my head.

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Who owns #17Black? Reporters on the #DaphneProject have begun to unravel the mystery sparked by #DaphneCaruanaGalizia's allegations on the company's connections to Maltese politicians. Read the story by Reuters here:

Documents obtained by Reuters and the Daphne Project show two Panamanian companies owned by two Maltese politicians expected to get payments from an offshore company connected to the man who won a key government concession to build a large power plant.

Minor health ailment of the month #4 is just about over. Hopefully that will be that.

Health status. Eye less pink than yesterday.

Not enjoying using eye ointment, let me tell you.

Watching "You Were Never Really Here"

Self indulgent dross.

God I always forget how depressing the close to season 4 of the wire is.... And how it makes you want to watch season 5 even though you know it's trash.

Gotta head to the pharmacy on the way to the office because, obviously, after my throat infection, and my infected mosquito bites, and my gastroenteritis I appear to have something wrong with my eye.

Apparently my life is just a revolving door of minor health issues this past month.

Haven't been able to go on a bike ride in what feels like a thousand days.

Holy hell.

Criminal charges aside, bollocks to just life bans for the players.

Three players and a fan? Need to come down on the club like a tonne of fucking bricks as well.


Overhead, a rainbow appeared.

In black and white.

6 days without beer or coffee was pretty rough, let me tell you.

Fully recovered 👍
And back to work 👎

Hope Citeh lose and Chelsea and Arsenal win. Keep it together at the top... Oh, well that went well.

For fucks sake Brighton.
If Colin avoids relegation I'm gonna be pissed.

"Let the truth set you free, Norman. Nothing matters at all" – Carcetti

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