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@andyc well... I've got getting knocked out of the Playoffs by "Frank Lampard's Derby County" ™️ to look forward to.

My old bike is just trolling me at this point. FML.

Cycled to my pub, drinking a good beer in the sun. My Tuesday post-work game is strong.

Can confirm that rugby union crowd patter is embarrassing.

Think it's good I'm gonna miss the Leeds game because I feel sick already and it's only 2 o'clock.

A road is closed for a few days and it has caused utter mayhem and unbridled rage.

It shows how unsustainable and nonsensical the current transport system here is.

And how deep the entitlement of getting door to door in your own oversized, climate controlled, private box is.

I wonder how many intercity journeys each day are just down to laziness? There are 5 able bodied people in my office alone, that drive to work despite being both on a bus route and within 35 minutes walking distance.

I predict two 0-0 and penalty shoot out all english finals.

Pissing rain and 2 punctures on the food haul today. It's been a long morning.

Definitely need a different saddle on my training bike. Ouch.

Watched the Cardiff game yesterday just to watch Colin get relegated again. It didn't disappoint.


This isn't good reading for the torys.

Some spoilt ballot counts

Basildon – 796
Bath & NE Somerset - 331
Brentwood - 272
Castle Point - 414
Chelmsford - 539
Folkestone & Hythe - 637
Great Yarmouth - 968
North Norfolk - 563
Sunderland – 309
Swindon - 825
Tendring – 600

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