Been back using Firefox for a few days now for the first time in many a year. And the main question I find myself asking is why is the browsing history UI so bad?

Love when things like the RMS nonsense come around. Great for a fediverse account prune.

Shower installed.
Piece of piss, save for chiseling off the glued on bath panelling.

One of the many terrible things about my bathroom is that it isn't tilled. It has some sort of horrid lino on the walls. So I imagine when this electric shower gets taken down I I'll have to redo the whole wall.

6 days after moving in. Shower is fucked.

Honest to god people are social media stalking the Minister for Home Affairs in Malta to figure out when he won't be in his office. To time my application for citizenship on the off chance the wife's name on the application gets noticed.

In case you missed it cos there's no time for normal current events these days.

The ECB cut interest rates for the first time in three years, from -.4 to -.5 %. Resumed the quantitative easing programme it suspended in 2018, planning to spend €20 billion a month buying bonds from 1 Nov. Saying rates won’t rise until eurozone inflation reaches ‘close to, but below, 2%’; it’s currently 1%. It followed news that German ind output was 5% lower this Jul than same month last year.

One of my biggest concerns is that BoJo and Big Nige et al burn the institutions to the ground and leave parlimentary and constitutional precidence in ruin only to hand the reins over to Uncle Corbz, now completely unrestrained, to do whatever the fuck him and his cult see fit.

I specialise in spelling errors and typos.

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In case anyone is interested here is a link to a very difficult logic puzzle that anyone without math skills can solve (it is easy to understand though). I also include the answer with a CW for those who want to skip right to the answer.



#riddle #math #maths #mathematics #puzzle #logic #logicpuzzle #science #programming #computerscience

The Tour of Britain 2km from the stage 3 finish.

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Gob smacking incompetence.

Someone in the school admin department gets their legal advice from the daily mail.

The wife got some harddrives from Amazon that turned out to be not new. Obviously refurbs.

So she spoke to the seller who gave her a return label that that she printed, put on the box and sent on it's way.

Now they claim the returns never made it back to them and are refusing to refund the £300.

I call bullshit.

I really need to upgrade my instance 😬

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