Lad at work just had a bloke come and fix his boiler and was treated to some wonderful facts of life.

His diabetes isn't real and he doesn't need his insulin.

Due to his childhood vaccinations he'll have at least a little bit of autism. There's a spectrum, you know.

Cancer has been cured but it's being kept a secret because palliative care is more profitable.

You should get any fillings removed when you're in your 60 because they cause alzheimer's.

The US healthcare system and those like it are terrifying. Not being able to afford healthcare that would change your life, bankrupt in order to save your life. So free at use 'universal' healthcare, be it the NHS model or another, is needed.

The UK legal system is equally fucked. Not being able to afford the protection of the laws or going bankrupt in order to defend yourself when accused of a crime. Justice, as with healthcare, should not bankrupt people. END

The rule of law depends on it.

Dec 10th is when I allow myself to acknowledge that Christmas is on the horizon and to partake in the festivities.

In that spirit.

I've had 5 mince pies already today.

Elections are the worst. Can't wait for the 2020 edition.

Love that our #10 is our left beck. It's been a wild ride.

After not scoring from a corner for about forever. Then doing so 2 games in a row. Leeds twitter didn't disappoint.

Just look at the size of this pork pie.

One week out. Nothing but margin of error swings in the polls. Feels like a done deal.

So the guy that paid at least some of the money to kill Daphne. He arranged a government job for one of the guys he's tasked with doing the deed. A job that he never turned up for but for which he was sent a cheque for €1,200 every month.

The job was through a government sub company that at the end of 2017 had 17 employees and had spent over €200,000 on employee expenses.

The company is registered as Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Ltd.

Embellishment Ltd..... COME ON!

"In May 2016, George Zimmerman sold the gun that killed Trayvon Martin for $250,000 (£172,000) by auction. "

Human garbage.

count for the morning:

Running red lights
Cyclists: 2
Drivers: 4

Of which caused a traffic conflict:
Cyclists: 1
Drivers: 1

Drivers cutting into bus lanes to jump queues: 5

Of which almost hit me cos they didn't notice I was in said lane: 1

Tuning at a mandatory straight ahead junction
Cyclists: 1
Drivers: 3

Once again for those at the back. Everyone breaks the rules.

@Luke sounds like wor Ben will be playing in DM at the Weekend.

Telegraph wins headline of the day with "Lads, it's José"

Ashley young is an incredibly limited defender.

The man who recruited the 3 murderers has had a little cry in court today. This has all been very stressful for him. Poor lamb.

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