Considered adding 'have a tendency to be just too honourable' to my bio.... then decided that of the 5% of people who get the gag, most probably think I shouldn't be making jokes about a daft royal nonce.

That's a moment of TV history. Fucking hell.
Who advised him that would go well?

Ignoring everything else... Wouldn't 5g national rollout make more sense than fibre to property.

More good stuff.

Say what you like about twitter. Personally, it's exposed me to so many smart people.

Come on you stupid fucking crab! Die!

Things I hear when the wife is on the Nintendo switch.

Honestly love this chart showing history of forecasts of energy industry solar capacity Vs actual capacity.

Ok, look. I know we said this last year, and the year before, but there's not going to be much more growth.

A good thread to which I'll post the bookends.

That was more from Stephen Bush, obviously, I don't write that well.

I know I’m at risk of becoming a broken record on this but the big hole in Labour’s approach is its radicalism on policy is not matched by radicalism on taxation. The failure to make an open and honest argument for broad-based tax rises might yet leave Labour badly exposed to a Conservative attack that the party is not being candid about who will pay for Britain’s transformation.

And what about the funding? It’s not sustainable to at once want to move the British economy away from the free market, happy home for multinationals model of the last 30 years and to continue the New Labour era approach of using the fruits of those industries to fund the public services.

Keep your eyes peeled for how often the "tax on tech giants" is used to pay for policies. It's the new 1% bankers tax from 2015. Same goes for the blue team and their efficiency savings.

Not sure Count Binface should be splitting the absurd cylindrical headpiece vote. Could be key to Lord Buckethead's chances.

Sometimes, on a rare occasion, I love this country

Ian Lavery, the corrupt thieving little cunt, is still an MP.

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